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About: Dr. Shradhdha Shah

             Clinician, Author, Speaker.

             BHMS (Mum.) / Medical Anthropology (University College London).


Our clinic helps families to understand cure, recovery and preventive health through a holistic lens. We encourage patients and their families to be an active participant in their treatment process. We conduct one-on-one consultations for Homoeopathic treatment for chronic disorders - a part of this management is to understand/treat the acute phases  as well. Our group sessions help us share awareness about preventive health, best practices and general information that is significant to all patients.

Clinical practice:

Auto-immune disorders (2007 to 2019) / Mumbai.

Management of Long Term Health Conditions (LTHCs) through Classical Homoeopathy, Preventive Health workshops & Patient Education (2007- until date).

Workshops & Seminars: Preventive Health

Mumbai / Pondichery / Banglaore / Paris / Poland (Poznan) / London / Switzerland (multiple cities) / Germany (multiple cities) / Spain (Tenerife).

Medical anthropology & qualitative research:

UCL (London) / The Stuart Lowe Trust (London) / Inner Research (Mumbai).


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